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How can you be confident in Dahlia during COVID?

Health and safety has always been of the greatest importance to us, and nothing about that has changed. Currently, we are only allowing one person in the studio at a time so we can offer easier contact tracing if a known exposure has occurred at Dahlia. We will remain appointment only until further notice. When scheduling an appointment it is important that we have the correct person's name and contact info (so please no booking appointments under a fake or friends' name).  

We have modified our schedule to assist in assuring more safety among us and less time in contact with the public. If any one of us feels ill, we are to self isolate at home and get Covid tested and can not return until we have a negative test result. We have also added additional PPE such as masks. We practice social distancing from each other And as always, surfaces in the piercing room are disinfected using a product called OPTIM. Additionally we disinfect all surfaces in the lobby, door handles, bathroom, and the check out area in between every appointment.

Please if you have any concerns about your health and safety at Dahlia during this time do not hesitate to ask!

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