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Revered for its beauty, the stunning Dahlia flower comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. The Dahlia blooms for extended periods of time, surpassing most other garden flowers. The Dahlia has had a diverse reputation and has surpassed many of its stereotypes throughout history. We chose the name Dahlia for its simple and long surviving meaning of dignity and integrity and its reputation for diversity and longevity. All of which are qualities of the piercings, jewelry, and customer service you will find at our store.


At Dahlia Fine Jewelry & Body Piercing we pride ourselves in providing our clients, with the highest quality body jewelry and the safest body piercings performed by trusted body piercing professionals.


Our mission is to offer Nashville and Clarksville the safest, friendliest piercing experience available. Our facilities were build on the principal that single use, sterile tools and implements are the safest for both client and piercer. Each piercing is performed with single use, sterile item that are disposed of immediately after the piercing. 

Dahlia Piercing is dedicated to being a safe, friendly place to ask questions about your piercing and receive guidance in jewelry selection, piercing placement, healing and aftercare. We love our clients and we want them to be happy and healthy. 

When you are at Dahlia you will find a focus on safe, sterile, comfortable experiences and a clean, friendly environment to shop for jewelry and to be pierced by a true professional.

"I always love coming to Dahlias and will continue coming back for a long time."

"Taking a first-timer, who is already nervous, will ensure a pleasant, positive experience. While not my first piercing, I couldn't help but enjoy a new one while we were visiting. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. Do not come to rush in and out; come to enjoy the conversation, environment, and a positive experience, whether the first piercing or fifteenth."

"Extremely friendly and helpful! Jewelry is also beautiful and high quality.""

"Magical place!"

"Wonderful experience, the best for customer service and professional, courteous and kind."

"There were 3 other people waiting and even though it was only her working she was polite efficient and quick. Awesome jewelry and a great experience."

"Awesome comfortable experience with a great piercer and I absolutely love the flat back earings I bought from her. I will Definitely be back for more earrings and piercings!"

"Great atmosphere! My granddaughter is a cry baby so I was shocked, stunned, and pleasantly surprised when she practically jumped off the table excited to see her new pierced ears with her new pink earrings in the mirror. Great job!!!"

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